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What is the meaning of life and society 6.0

The purpose and meaning of life is a huge question and COVID-19 has forced many people to ask this powerful question. I believe our objective in life is to find complete acceptance of who we are, to be fully content inside.  This state of being is a nice balance between head and heart.

In a different context, this concept is explained in the following video where a well-respected doctor talks about the afterlife.  While working in the hospital he would resuscitate people who had passed away. During the brief time they were dead, people experienced complete acceptance and an inner glow.  After this profound experience, they always asked the same question when they woke up “Why did you bring me back?”

Last year I wrote about Society 5.0, which is the more connected world. I also write, along with many others, about the current shift in world consciousness as an awakening to the 5th-dimensional reality, which I dream of as a Society 6.0.

This is a new world, empowered by an uprising against injustice and inequality. A shift from ego and lack of integrity, to follow our heart, connect, and genuinely care about other people.  Driven by a purpose to be of service to the world, Society 6.0 could be a next level, more connected world that does not have struggles. Time is no longer important as we have a connection to all. Driven by love and real human connections, 6.0 can exist for some people now, at the same time as others live in the 4.0 and 5.0 world of struggle.

Society 6.0 has a similar feel to the outcome of the afterlife video above.  We have a feeling of inner trust, the true freedom of total and complete acceptance, and the ability to let go of the need to control things.  We let go of any time pressure and become fully present in the now, the only time that exists.

This has often been my experience during the world turmoil, to stay aware.  While I do still get triggered with anxiety which I see as a normal emotion that empowers the release and healing of emotional triggers, to become more aware and to grow.  Through this process I surrender to the knowing that nothing is an accident and that I am given what I need, when I need it.  Through the power of synchronicity and the support of nature, the universe is always conspiring to give me what I need, not necessarily what I desire. This process has been accelerated in April and May 2020 with the lockdown in NZ.

Which is part of the expansion and shifting world we could call Society 6.0.

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