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Truth & Connection are the Positive Benefits of COVID-19 without the Greenscreen & Business Shirt

Today I go on a rant about what is happening in the world and all the positive aspects of COVID-19, when I focus only on what I can control (which is not heaps with all the uncertainty), and let go of what I cannot control.

By dropping the green screen and business shirt to be real in the following video, I share my view of the new reality. I look at how the world is moving from a 3-dimensional reality to a 4 and 5-d reality, as science has proven that we are not isolated, 3-dimensional objects, and Quantum Physics explains that matter is non-local and made up of waves, with everything in the universe having both particle and wave nature.

What does that mean? Well, all is connected now in many ways, for example, the Internet of things, social media, and wave-forms.

The following is one of my favorite videos due to the content which I rant and rave about, then I finish with the outcomes for me. These are greater self-esteem, resilience, and vastly higher sports performance.

The feeling of inner trust and freedom is priceless now, having previously had so many years of self-doubt.

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