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I always state that clarity equals success. We don’t get what we want in life, we get what our unconscious stuff (programing) creates. Therefore by definition, naturally most people are not aware of this stuff, as it is unconscious! The blind leading the blind because life and business are often so busy people are not aware of the patterns and beliefs that sabotage or create success.

Stage one is awareness of which area of business or life is not flowing. Then we need to look at what aspect of our often unconscious stuff is creating this undesired pattern, blocking success.

An example is, this weekend I am away in ‘The Mount’ for a boy’s weekend. Yes, loads of fun, indeed. We decided to meet at 4pm yesterday, which in peak hour Friday traffic was always going to be a struggle.  A close friend picked me up and we rang another good friend who has an ingrained pattern of being late.

It was no surprise he had not left home, so he was going to be quite late. We all predicted this would happen as his unconscious stuff is wired this way. He is quite different from the rest of us in this aspect.  I will not comment any further about this very good friend as he may read this post, but any aspect of human performance can be traced to our conscious and unconscious programing, known as our internal programming.

This internal programming, is made up of our values, beliefs and comfort zone. We will never perform inconsistently with this programming, yet most people have limited awareness about this hugely important aspect of success.

Therefore, if your internal programming includes a pattern of being late, then it is probably affecting your performance and frustrating your attempts to be successful. This is because we will always perform consistently with our internal programming.

What patterns and areas of your life or business are not working for you? What aspect of your hidden programming is creating this future? the good news is with awareness and effort, you can change your unconscious programing to make more conscious choices, to  determine your future destiny. If you choice to do so, as you are the one in control.