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Michael Campbell holding U.S. Open Trophy

Michael Campbell holding U.S. Open Trophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the years I have been fascinated with Michael Campbell’s mindset since he won the US open in 2005. That win was a massive achievement for a NZ Golfer, yet he has not moved on until now, late in 2012.

Over the years in the many interviews I have heard in the media, he seemed to have misguided confidence. He was not in the present moment but living in the past. Hence living in a dream world of old memories, cut off from the present reality of being ‘in the zone’ in the present flow.

In the Radio Sport interview on 18 November, Cambo stated he was enjoying his golf and going out to have fun. He said he had a chance going into the last day, a refreshing change from his old live in the past misguided confidence about winning it!
It is no accident that he is showing signs now his form is back, and the results now show it, yet will he stay detached from the old to stay living in the moment, only time will indeed tell.

The 4 Zone Model explains that the mind looks either forward or back in time. The mind we call the Head Zone, it does the analysis and the Heart Zone does the sensing. This week he certainly has shown some signs he is back, yet will he detach from that to stay living in the moment, only time will indeed tell. When in the zone he has that balance right of those 2 Zones.

When living in the past his Mind Zone is dominating hence he does not achieve the ‘in the zone’ relazed balanced flow. The breath is the key to stay integrated in the flow. Often we stop breathing under pressure, to tighten and lose that flow.

What holds you back from breathing and having the head/heart balance right in your sport and life?

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