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Today I had an interesting wake-up call on my journey and awareness of the difference between head and heart intelligence! Firstly the background is more than 10 years of working on emotional awareness, learning to listen to my heart intelligence. This was after the preceding 10 year period, when I had limited heart intelligence, as I had taught myself to be super positive. The end result was that I had unknowingly suppressed any negative emotions by turning everything into a positive in my head. Back then I was stuck in the head, isolated in a positive seemingly happy place of positive thinking. Hence why my journey in the more recent years, has been to listen to my heart, to follow the emotional guidance, based on the theory that the heart is linked to a vastly powerful internal guidance system. This is supported by a great deal of scientific research which is well documented by mBraining and also the HeartMath Institute.

Follow Your Heart,

So back to the big learning today, it was mid afternoon and I had the feeling to ring somebody I did not know well. The call was a little random and we had a positive conversation and then it felt done, over, ready to say good bye. Then the big learning. Looking back on it, I was already in my head, working from that space, so my head was wanting to ask an extra question on a different topic, yet I felt the call was ready now to end. So an extra question was not really consistent with what my heart intelligence was saying. Also I did not really know them, so why go into a question asking their view on something that I was working on. So on reflection I made a choice from my positive head frame of go forward and do it, even though I felt that we had taken the conversation to a natural conclusion.

So on this occasion my mind took over, and I asked them their view. Then what occurred was the big wake up for me. I now wish I had listen to the feeling, rather than the go get em head. The end result was I felt deflated, with a minor stomach anxiety afterwards. Even though this person was great about it, on reflection I could have paused and felt before making that choice and the conversation would have ended in a natural way earlier and I would have carried on my day in my happy place.

So I gained a valuable lesson. Feel and listen within, with an internal awareness that I already know, yet was reminded I do not always do it. I powerful reminder today and everyday I make choices either from the head or from instincts, which today I am referring to as following the feeling, following my heart. A big reminder and wonderful learning opportunity for me today!

Thanks to the unnamed very gifted person who today I talked to that provided me such a powerful lesson. Nothing is an accident I believe if we are awake to see the learning of every obstacle.