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In today’s video blog I talk about my observations from Super Rugby. Reflecting on the sports psychology and leadership insights from the Hurricanes and their very close match with the Crusaders this week, played on March 29th.

  • Why did the The Hurricanes perform so well and the Crusaders did not peak?
  • Also why was their goal kicker last year probably the best in the country, but in that match he was not?
  • Is it a negative hidden culture?

The close win to the Hurricanes I suggest is the result of their culture, compare this to the negative hidden culture that could be affecting the Crusaders. A great leader, or coach in this case, can create an open culture with no hidden negative team dynamics.

In today’s video blog post below, I suggest that a hidden culture of negativity is the difference.

Essentially it is all about pressure. The Hurricanes according to their captain Conrad Smith in his post match interview, explained that during the past week they focused on enjoying their rugby during their build up. Yet based on comments by Todd Blackadder after the match, who is under so much pressure with an underperforming team, it looks like his team is feeling the pressure and have a hidden negative culture, not a Dave Rennie type of open culture.

How will they go this week? Look forward to watching the next match unfold. The beauty of sport is any team can turn it around if the leaders get the culture right!