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A coaching client said to me that over the holiday period they wished to stay in the moment rather than review and adjust their Map forward in life, their MotiveMap.

The power of now, living in the moment is an area I love working with people on to awaken the current moment from the mental processing of looking ahead and back in time.  The key here is to stay in the moment open and detached from your Map outcomes.  Then review and change this MotiveMap each day based on feelings, learning to trust your instinct’s to more accurately guide you forward.  Without a Map listing our intentions, which are very similar to goals, we can drift without a mechanism to inspire our passion and keep ourselves accountable living our dreams.

Having a clear path forward, while staying open to change constantly adjusting your Map based on feel, provides a sense of clarity in the moment.  Feeling clear and together, without the mental clutter, helps create the foundation of self belief to heighten the power of the moment and sense of trust.

Tune into the power of intention to inspire the MotiveMap path of greater energy to achieve more each day driven by the fire inside that we call the power of passion burning bright to awaken us from the inside.