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Feeling inspired by the feedback and wonderful testimonial from a recent talk. The content is very close to my heart, with the core message, Dare to Dream. I was the guest speaker at the NZIE graduation ceremony which had 400 people attending.

A core message was that as children we have dreams, at one end of this scale we may dream that we may grow up and marry a Prince or Princess for example. Or a more realistic one is to be a fireman or other career dreams, yet our parents, friends or mentors may say “you can’t do that!” Or “you must be more realistic.” Hence the message was about keeping our dreams alive, in order to live a more satisfying passionate life.

Another core concept was how fear may stop us from following some of our dreams. Hence I then defined and talked about Emotional Fitness and how to overcome the fear that may hold us back from achieving higher performance in life, sport or business, by providing practical ideas to help live our dreams alive.

What is your dream? Are your dreams still alive? My hope is that you don’t go to the grave without having a go and fully exploring your dreams and goals in life. #robertcrobertson