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Benefits of Anger We Disown

As the massive COVID-19 fear epidemic moves people into self-isolation, anger is a common emotion, both getting frustrated with not being able to do all the same things and maybe also annoyed with the people we live with.

Today we look at the signals of anger and what it tells us about our unconscious programming, as we generally only ever get annoyed at behaviours in other people that we disown or dislike within ourselves.  The difficulty is that the parts we disown are mostly unconscious, so getting angry at others can actually be a great gift because it gives us a chance to reflect and grow greater resilience.

In the following video I share an example from my childhood about how my father never showed much emotion at all, so I unconsciously assumed that to be loved I needed to always be calm and not show many emotions.

In a future blog, I will look at several different tools to integrate anger using the Emotional Fitness Toolkit. The key part is to express anger, not at anybody, but using one of the methods to use anger to grow our Emotional Fitness and resilience.

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